Prerequisites to complete this example

  1. Basic knowledge of Linux commands and a terminal
  2. Docker Desktop installed on your host machine.
  3. A text editor or browser to view .JSON files
Understand what’s inside a Docker container

Download and test DockerSlim

  • Create a folder and copy the files from the DockerSlim download into the folder. My folder looks like this.
  • Run DockerSlim to check if it’s working.

Our goal is to make it easier for developers and DevOps to leverage the benefits of containerization without the headaches and hassle inherent in modern build cycles.

  • Best Practice #1: Control what’s inside the container
  • Best Practice #2: Minimize image size and optimize for build speed
  • Best Practice #3: Control vulnerabilities and secure services
  • Best Practice #4: Enforce standards across your organization
  • Best Practice #5: Automate updates

TL;DR: We interviewed more than 30 developers to hear how organizations are handling cloud-native software development and delivery today. We learned a lot, and realized there’s still a long way to go.

Why We Founded Slim.AI

John Amaral

John is the CEO of Slim.AI, a stealth-mode startup in the DevOps space & a technologist/product leader w/ 25+ years of experience in SaaS, InfoSec & networking.

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