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  • Muhammad Ammar

    Muhammad Ammar

    Hello, i am a blogger. Plz recommend me how to better. Thank you.

  • Jillian Hufnagel

    Jillian Hufnagel

  • Nate Aune

    Nate Aune

    Founder @Appsembler, @Jazkarta, hackpreneur, open sourcerer, saxophonist, jazz nut, world traveler, seeker of beauty and truth.

  • Gil Zimmermann

    Gil Zimmermann

    Israeli born, US fed & raised, married+3 in Boston, entrepreneur, building revenue, cloud, IT, data, security, snowboarding, learning, loving, laughing, living.

  • Ed Sim

    Ed Sim

    @boldstartvc day one partner + true believer for enterprise Infrastructure/SaaS founders

  • Josh Viney

    Josh Viney

    If you can't design anything nice, don't design anything at all.

  • Len


  • Logan Land

    Logan Land

    Exploring the worlds of DevOps, Productivity, Entrepreneurship, Programming and other Randomness as it comes to me. Come join me on this journey.

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